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Mongongo Oil 30ml

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Mongongo Oil is a natural emollient and sun protector offering a unique protection from UV & environmental pollutants thanks to high levels of a fatty acid. It’s also a great moisturizer as this same protective layer prevents moisture from escaping the pores. The acidic properties (rich in eleostearic acid and linoleic acid) of Mongongo Oil make it highly anti-inflammatory and cell-rejuvenating. The oil is light yellow in colour, and it has a natural smell of hazelnut.




Pump once or twice to your hands and gently massage into your face. A little goes a long way. Use alone or as a cocktail with your favourite facial moisturiser. Repeat up to twice daily. Also do check the FAQ for its amazing benefits.


Pump as required for your body. Massage lightly over your hands, legs and other body parts. It's amazing as a sun protector due to its high Vitamin E content. It has anti-aging properties and helps with the production of collagen on your skin. All you need is to apply a suitable amount to the required area. Use it morning and night before sleeping on clean skin for best results. Also do check the FAQ for its amazing benefits.


After washing, mix the oil well with a little water and apply on wet hair, massaging for 3-4 minutes before rinsing (on stressed hair, as a reconditioning treatment, to give vigour and recover shine). After drying, pump once or twice on your hand and apply on the entire length of the hair. The oil must first be heated by rubbing it on the palms (on curly and frizzy hair). During the night as a moisturizing mask (on damaged hair).